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Mulch Rubber Border

RM 22.00

Our rubber borders are the perfect accessory for your mulching needs. These borders are both flexible and durable. You can use them as (I) barriers to contain your mulch within your mulch enclosure area, or (II) to act as color mulch dividers if you plan to mulch an area with different colored mulches. When you use our rubber borders, you mulch will be protected from wash off by rain or heavy gusts from thunderstorms, and your beloved mulch will stay in place for a long time.

How To Install:

A mulch border measures 4.5 metres long and 3 inches wide. Use knife to slice 1.5 inch deep into the ground, and continue slicing the entire perimeter of mulch area that you have designed. Insert the bottom of the border 1.5 incher into the gap that you have prepared, and leave the remaining 1.5 inch above ground. Once your border is buried halfway into the ground, fill up the gaps with soil so your border can be firmly held. To add more firmness to your border, each mulch border product also comes with a set of free U-shaped metal pegs. Simply align the border in the middle of each U-shape peg, and press the peg firmly into the ground till the border is securely fastened in place. Space each metal peg 2 feet apart. Once you have pegged the entire length of the border, you will end up with an effective mulch barrier to contain your mulch.

Weight: 2.2 kg
Length: 4.5 metre
Width: 3 inch