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Garden Mulch (Natural :: Weathershield :: 60 Litres :: Wood Chips)

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Natural look organic wood chip mulches keeps your garden free of weeds and adds beauty at the same time. Our mulches are manufactured from mixed tropical wood species, 100% eco-friendly, and free of industrial contaminants. They are safe for kids and pets too.

Overview & Benefits

  • Natural woody look that lasts for years
  • Protected by WeatherShield® technology
  • Naturally prevents weeds by blocking access to sunlight
  • Helps the soil retain moisture

Weathershied Protection

This version of natural look wood chip mulch comes fortified with 'Weathershield' protective binder coating (similar with all color-enhanced wood chip mulch), which means it will be subject to lesser degradation or bacterial attack due to forces of nature. Therefore, the wood mulch lasts longer which means you have to re-mulch lesser in the long run. In addition, the protective coating layer helps to hold the fresh and attractive natural look much longer instead of turning grey or dark.

How To Apply:

Simply rake up all weeds (including roots) in the area you intend to mulch. Spread mulch evenly (minimum 2 inches) untill all areas are covered. Water lightly to settle the mulch.

Optional: You can add a base layer of newspaper, pvc fabric, or discarded cardboard to furthur suppress weeds before adding your layer of wood mulch.

Bordering Your Mulch:

Always ensure there is a barrier to keep your mulch in place. These barriers or 'borders' can take the form of lawn or concrete edging, rubber/pvc borders, rocks, stones, garden bricks, etc. Borders will help to contain and protect your mulch from migration and wash off for years to come. Please view our 'rubber border' product, if you do not possess a suitable border.

Topping Up:

Mulch is an organic compound that slowly degrades over time (even slower with weathershield protection) which adds beneficial fertilizing properties to your soil, and enhances your soil's microbial ecosystem. As your mulch slowly loses its thickness and vibrant look over time, simply top up with a fresh layer of mulch. 

Area Coverage:16 Square Feet
Mulch Thickness:2 Inches
Lasts For:3-5 Years
Gross Weight:13 kg
Bag Dimension (Inches)33 (L) x 17 (W) x 5.5 (H)

*** Please visit 'Mulch Info' for more information about mulching your garden

Types of Mulch Grade:

All our mulch manufacturing process goes through highest standards of quality, and this applies to both factory and retail/export grade mulch ranges. See our faq page for difference on choosing between 'factory' or 'retail/export' grade mulch.