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Cat/Pet Bedding :: Magic Litter :: 60 Litres

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* Absorbent
* Compost enriched
* Odor elimination by microbial action
* No chemicals, silica dust or fragrances
* 100% organic mini grade wood chips
* Compostable (with solids removed)

For Cats
Our brand of cat litter is locally manufactured, entirely natural and good for cats. Unlike bentonite clay litter or other artificial litter, our wood based litter is entirely free of dust and non-hazardous when swallowed, making it safe for kittens. Its fine grade of mini sized wood chips (no sharp edges) makes it easy and comfortable for cats to walk on, and does not track. Being a natural degradable organic material, odors are quickly eliminated through effective microbial action. Our cat litter is enriched with a small amount of 'plant-based compost particles' that carries a rich source of friendly microbes to help break down cat wastes and odors.

For Small Animals
Suitable for use as economical source of bedding for reptiles, birds, lizards, rodents, etc. The small size and blocky structure of the wood chips ensure no sharp edges to provide a comfortable bed for your animals to lay and play on.

Directions Of Use:
Depending on number of cats you have, add 1-2 inches of wood based pet litter onto your tray. Shake tray sideways to loosen the litter. Lightly rake cat litter occasionally to re-introduce oxygen necessary for microbial odor breakdown activity. Replace entire tray of litter when fully soiled. Or you may choose to sun dry and re-use your biodegradable litter.

Suggested Uses:
Our wood litter/bedding can be quickly sun-dried to be re-used if necessary. It can also be mixed with other popular animal litter such as crystals or silica gel to allow more efficient liquid absorption for better odor control, whilst maintaining the smell of natural wood aroma that attracts cats or kittens to use this litter.

Brand: Magic Litter
Volume: 60 Litres
Dry Weight: 13 kg
Chip Size: 3-5mm