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Thank you for visiting our website export info page! Our Malaysian based company recycles local wood waste into a desirable eco-product known as organic wood mulch. Wood mulches are widely used by gardens, farms and nurseries as beneficial soil cover. To see if mulch products has market potential in your country, you will need to understand what mulch is as well as its numerous benefits.




Mulch is any type of organic or inorganic matter that is used for improved soil amendment. Organic mulch which are derived from living plants can compromise of bark, wood chips, cocoa shells, coconut fibre, palm shells, etc. Their primary function is to control weeds, when applied over bare soil with a thickness of 2-3 inches. This blanket of organic material fulfills its function by effectively blocking sunlight, thus preventing weed seeds germination. However, mulch benefits do not end there. The mulch blanket effect also retain soils moisture by reducing soil evaporation, cutting water use by 20-25%. It also creates a wonderful sub-soil habitat for micro-organisms that secrete beneficial enzymes for plant root uptake. As organic mulch breaks down over time, it adds bio- fertilizing capability while increasing soil organic matter content at the same time. Last but not least, it reduces soil erosion, soil compaction and greatly enhances the aesthetic beauty of the area being mulched. If your market is already familiar in using garden stones, rocks, tiles, artificial grass, etc, then our brand of organic mulches makes a wonderful addition to the choice of available soil covers available in your market.


At Uniearth, we are the pioneer manufacturers in Asia to manufacture both colored and natural wood mulch. They take the form of shredded wood chips or wood floss. Our products are mainly catered for the Asian market, where aesthetic value counts as much as it plant health beneficial properties. Due to differences in climate zones, we may not expect users in Asia to replace mulch every springtime like they do in the west. That means our formulations used for coloring or dyeing purpose are stronger with looks that lasts much longer than our western counterparts. While western manufactured mulch are expected to last for one or two seasons, our brand of colored mulch can exceed 5 years. This contrast with western users who replace their mulch almost every year. However, organic/edible gardens are a rising trend here in Asia, and we have catered for this growing segment with additional range of wood mulches such as semi-composted wood mulch, as well as untreated wood mulch.


Our mulch production methods are superior with mulches in other markets in the following ways:

1) Consistent Size - All wood chips mulches are mechanically screened so that chips are more consistent looking and your garden landscape will look neater as a result.

2) Advanced Color Formulation - Our mulch colors lasts up to 5 years or more compared with other mulches that last one or 2 years, thus needing less replacement.

3) Fully Dried - Our bagged mulch are fully dried, which means the color dyes will not stain your hand when applied. It will also prevent mold fungus forming in the bag.




For export orders, our minimum quantity is 1 x 20ft container, or 600 x 60 Litre bags (13 kg). Our export FOB prices are extremely competitive when matched with the superior quality of our mulches. All our mulch products are Malaysia made, from local mixed tropical wood species. To gain more information about our mulch products, please visit our homepage at You may access our mulch product sections, mulch application guide page, FAQ page as well as our mulch landscape galleries. Our website mulch products are displayed with Malaysian ringgit prices, but you may toggle the currency to US$ currency at the top left corner portion of our website.


For assistance on our mulch products, you may contact us at any time via email ( or phone (mobile +6 012 4701388). All factory-direct pricing and related product information will be forwarded to you on request.

Company: Uniearth Sdn Bhd
Address : 2833 Pekan Pengkalan Kundang, Rawang 48000, Selangor Darul Ehsan, West Malaysia
Tel/Fax: +603 62631643

Thank you for your attention, and We sincerely look forward to helping you offer natural and color mulch products into your market!