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We currently offer 2 versions of wood mulch for:

1. Nurseries & Garden Centres (Premium Version)
2. Hardware & General Stores (Basic Version)

Nurseries & Garden Centres

Are your customers looking for alternatives for grass, garden stones or coco fiber? With our eco wood mulch now produced for our local and Asia market, gardeners and landscapers can now purchase a new type decorative soil cover. Using wood mulch is an exciting way to beautify garden and city landscapes. It can come as a woody natural look, or color dyed version. Color dyed wood chips are uses environmentally friendly coloring methods to add attractiveness, as well as to prolong the life of the wood mulch from natural degradation. Our color wood mulch are long lasting and simple to install by any home gardener. However, the strongest benefit of using wood mulch is its ability to suppress stubborn weeds. By blocking sunlight, weed seeds are unable to germinate. Using wood mulch also help to retain soil moisture by acting as a blanket, thus reducing the need to water plants frequently. As it degrades over time, it will also act as a slow release bio-fertilizer. Both natural-look and color dyed wood chips longevity are enhanced with "Weathershield" protection.

Hardware Stores

For hardware stores, we only offer basic version (non-treated and non-color-dyed) of wood chip mulch at a more economical price. 


If you interested to offer wood mulch to your customers, please contact us to place an order. 

  • Our minimum delivery is 1 pallet (21 x 60 Litre bags). 
  • We supply on consignment basis or direct purchase. 
  • Credit terms offered